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LISER and SkiLMeeT Seminar on Technology Exposure Postponed

We have to postpone the LISER and SkiLMeeT seminar on how researchers can use patents to generate data about technology exposure and can trace changes in educational content by analysing the texts of vocational training curricula.

The hybrid event was planned for 3 July, from 12:30 to 13:30 CEST. The new date will be announced soon. 

During the hybrid event, SkiLMeeT researcher Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage (Utrecht University) will present a paper he co-authored with Cäcilia Lipowski and Anna Salomons: “Keeping Up with the Computers: How Vocational Training Responds to New Technology”.

The researchers created a database of vocational training curricula implemented in Germany over five decades. Using Natural Language Processing, they linked these curricula to breakthrough technologies described in patents, to determine the impact of technology adoption on skill acquisition. They found that technological advances drive updates in vocational training, shifting curriculum content towards less routine-intensive tasks and greater use of digital technology and social skills. Their research also shows that updating training in line with technological progress helps workers adapt to changing skill demands and win higher wages.